Power Flushing in Liverpool

Is your central heating system not performing as well as it should? Our expert heating engineers provide power flushing in Liverpool and throughout the surrounding areas to boost central heating efficiency. Our hard work and consistent dedication to excellence has resulted in hundreds of satisfied clients in the local area and beyond, which has contributed towards our outstanding reputation. Only employing experienced, Gas Safe registered engineers, when it comes to power flushing in Liverpool Mike the Boiler Man Ltd should be your first and only choice.

Does my Heating need Power Flushing?

The problems you’re currently having with your central heating system might simply be a build of sludge and dirt in your system. Whilst being a seemingly simple procedure, Power flushing should only be performed by a trained, Gas Safe registered engineer. There might be a problem with your heating system if the radiators are struggling to heat up properly, even when your boiler is on. Your system might require a power flush if you have noticed any of the following occurring:

  • Radiators struggling to heat up
  • Water taking a while to heat up
  • Noisy central heating system

Benefits of Power Flushing

Especially in the winter months, living or working without heating/hot water can be a real struggle. When your heating system has to work harder than it has to, it can lead to higher heating bills. However, when your system is running at its best, then your heating bills will be lower. If your heating costs are high, then let us perform a power flush, and then your heating bills may be reduced.

There are many benefits to having your system flushed, and we have outlined just a few of the main reasons below:

  • Energy bills are reduced
  • Faster time heating water/radiators up
  • Better temperatures
  • Performance is improved overall

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If you’re in Liverpool or the surrounding areas, Mike the Boiler Man Ltd can supply you with a free, no obligation quote for power flushing services. You’ll experience energy efficient heating once more as a result of our high professional standards. See our other services here.